They like me! They really like me!

Look at that. An award link to me from, zombie writer extraordinaire. Thank you Thea, for the nomination. I appreciate it and agree, my stories do involve people wanting to be touched, caressed, nibbled, and each time they will crave more. Zombies? Well I personally don’t want one nibbling on my neck, or any other body parts for that matter.

I’ve never been nominated before, nor am I sure what the procedures are, so other than thanks, I guess I should explain the rules for this award ceremony.

  1. Give thanks to, and link to the person who nominates you for this award.
  2. Share seven random facts about yourself
  3. Pass this award on to five new blogging buddies
  4. Contact and congratulate the awarded bloggers (after all, there is no fun in the awarded person not knowing!)

So the first is done, but again, I give big thanks to Thea on this one! πŸ™‚

Next, seven facts about me (I’ll try not to be boring):

  1. I like porn. It makes sense since I write smut, but I don’t like just any. Some is interesting to see, some is horrific, others are quite artistic or amusing. Porn is like all other forms of visual entertainment, only with more flesh. And penises.
  2. I like accents. British, Irish and Scottish in particular. Don’t ask me why, I am not sure. It also means I prefer TV from the UK, since it’s not recycled reality crap like they have here in North America. Don’t get me wrong, I like Hoarders and Undercover Boss, but other than that, the state of entertainment here has become low brow and boring.
  3. I can sew a mean stitch. Yes, I am a man that can sew. Be a bachelor for a while without going back to mommy when your shirt tears and you’ll get why. Sometimes it’s just easier to learn something. Plus it usually will impress women. Usually.
  4. Something that disturbs me at times is that I apparently talk in my sleep. I’ve been told a number of times that it’s been entertaining listening to me recite movie quotes or other random things in my sleep. I apparently had a conversation with someone at night while in the sweet mode of sleep.
  5. I loathe raw vegetables. You would too in my situation. They just don’t agree with me. Cook a carrot in a stew, make a soup, steam broccoli and I’m happy. Give it to me raw and an hour later… It’s not a pretty thing.
  6. I love cartoons. Yes. I’m a big boy, but still enjoy seeing one any time. From GI Joe and smurfs, to Asian style like Robotech. I also enjoy the more “adult” oriented anime. Just don’t dub them, I rather read subtitles than here the bad voice-overs and poor voice matching for characters. Am I to believe the 600 pound beast sounds like a 3 year old girl? Ugh.
  7. I hate shoes, socks, sandals and anything else on my feet. I tolerate footwear because people leave trash everywhere. When I’m not in the city, I’m barefoot all the time. Even at home, in the winter, I don’t care. I like my footsies free of all encumbers.

Now, I need to pass this onto 5 people worthy of praise. Do I know 5 cool people worthy of said praise? I think so. Don’t fight now, if your 3rd it doesn’t mean I like the two other people more than you. Or do I? :p

1) Michael@Blackfireink – I mean who wouldn’t award this talented artist? Especially if you like StarTrek – Gone in 60 Nano Seconds
2) Love Goddess@Aphrodite44 – A sexually liberated woman that many people should take a page from. Sex is good, not bad. Listen to this one, but her blog has flesh showing, so 18+
3) M. Pallante@M_Pallante – A pretty smart guy, nice to talk to and a blog that’s a good read. I picked up a few ideas from it myself.
4) El Novelista@AuthorLHayes – Fun person to talk to and writes some things that you’ll enjoy reading, if your not too much of a prude. πŸ˜‰
5) Kendall Grey@kendallgrey1 – This woman speaks her mind and is only half as crazy as you think. Or is that double? It’s refreshing and amazingly entertaining at times. And she likes whales. Who doesn’t like whales? If you don’t, well… I won’t go there. This time.

There, now that is done, pass it on. Or not. your choice, but I think it’s an interesting way to pass around the indie love. Do it!

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Pricing as an indie.

Well, as I suspected, being new to the world of indie work means not being known. I’ve make the mistake of costing too much, so I fixed that by cutting the cost to 0.99$ instead of 2.99$ to see what happens. Hopefully that will get me some fans and viewers before the next release.

And I won’t make the mistake again. The next stories will be priced properly at 0.99$ as well.Β 

So the new pricing can be seen here on Amazon (at least once they update things)ΒΒ or on Smashwords (immediately)Β
Call it a reduction for your viewing pleasure! After all, isn’t erotica all about pleasure? πŸ˜›

Letters of Lust – Volume 2 – Work in progress

Well, it seems Letters of Lust – Volume 2 is going relatively well.

I’ve created the meat and main outline of the next 3 letters! I even managed to come up with a story that might stand on its own, or at the very least make a beginning for volume three. I’ve typically written in a first person point of view for my stories, but volume three, or whatever this fourth story evolves into will be from a third person point of view.

IF I can squeeze that out well, and not hemorrhage my brain in the process, I believe I will make a full compilation of stories that will be in third person. From what I know, people often enjoy third person over first person. If anyone wished to comment, feel free! I’d like to hear what you readers enjoy.

Just don’t judge my first person stories before reading them, as MY first person erotica WILL get your blood pumping. πŸ˜›

Coverart, my cover art.

Well, I figured you might like to see my cover art. It’s my first crack, and hope you enjoy.

Thank you, come again!

My assistant has GREAT legs, don't you think?

Amazon and Smashwords, neck and neck. Who wins?

Hey followers, I know you’re there. Well, your eyes are seeing it. My ebook is finally live on Amazon at:Β and at Smashwords at:

My first works out ever as a writer. Sorry Amazon, Smashwords was live right away. You took 3 days to publish, saying 24 HOURS on your list. Shame! But at least I am up now. πŸ˜€

I’m damned proud of my cover art too. I hope YOU, the reader likes it, as it grabs your eye, up and down those sexy legs. I stand by it, and am hard at work for new and wonderfully sexy words, very soon.

Tomorrow I bet.

First collection published!

Well people, if there are any people reading this yet, you’ll be happy to know my Smashwords version is now live! It’s hot, or so I think, and all that’s left is for Amazon to publish.

If you don’t feel like waiting, got here:

If you want to wait a bit for Amazon, since you love large corporations, then feel free.
But it’s worth getting now. I know it, you know!


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Malcom here… time for smut. I mean, let’s get dirty.

It’s Malcom,

I’ve opened up all my accounts, readied my first story, and its cover art is a go! Yes, I am aware that I am a person of many talents.

Today begins a new day in smut, erotica, porn, or what ever floats your boat or turns you on. “Letters of Lust” Volume one is being sent to Smashwords and Amazon for the kindle and all other e-readers, be it Android or other. Get ready to be horny!

I take suggestions, of almost any type. If I can do it, I will. If I can’t, I’ll try. I don’t give up easily!

That’s all for now.
See you on the horny side.