Letters of Lust – Volume 2 – Work in progress

Well, it seems Letters of Lust – Volume 2 is going relatively well.

I’ve created the meat and main outline of the next 3 letters! I even managed to come up with a story that might stand on its own, or at the very least make a beginning for volume three. I’ve typically written in a first person point of view for my stories, but volume three, or whatever this fourth story evolves into will be from a third person point of view.

IF I can squeeze that out well, and not hemorrhage my brain in the process, I believe I will make a full compilation of stories that will be in third person. From what I know, people often enjoy third person over first person. If anyone wished to comment, feel free! I’d like to hear what you readers enjoy.

Just don’t judge my first person stories before reading them, as MY first person erotica WILL get your blood pumping. 😛


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  1. Hope this don’t count as getting fresh(!) My shilling’s worth: I’ve written six short erotica tales. Three of each (1st person pov & 3rd p. pov). In my opinion, those written in the 1st person were superior. But those written in 3rd person outsell them by 75%. So I’d certainly concur that peeps prefer 3rd person stories. Having said that, horses for courses. You can’t imagine Catcher in the Rye in 3rd person, or Catch 22 in first. Might be fun to try a rewrite of a couple of paras and see what happens though, if time ever allows.
    Power to your pen or keypad.

    • Thank you very much for the input! That’s all good to know.

      I think I will look into reworking those I currently have in production into 3rd person (if they actually ARE reworkable :p) and then I will focus more on methods to keep my brain in 3rd person when I write. This information is quite useful for others, and hope I’m not the only one to benefit from your help.

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